25 April 2006

A sausage is not always a sausage

Sausage is one of my favorite breakfast foods. It was what Grandma and Grandad ALWAYS had cooking for breakfast at their house. After Grandad died, Grandma primarily cooked it when I was visiting, though. However, it's been a bit of a pain figuring out how to get it to cook well as patties. Link sausage is...edible, but not very good. My problem with the patties is that they could be burned to a crisp on the outside yet still not completely cooked on the inside. The solution? Dihydrogen Monoxide! (aka "water"). Pour some good ol' H20 into the pan with the patties, and several things happen: (1) they don't burn until the water boils away; (2) the heat is more evenly distributed; (3) you can leave the burner on higher settings for longer. So you can get sausage that's actually DONE all the way through without charring it to powdery blackness. I am pleased.


kate said...

I've tried this with other meats before, and it hasn't worked. It seems I can avoid basic science. How impressive. *rolls eyes*

Qalmlea said...

I've only had this work well with sausage, actually. And you want to plan ahead, because it still has to cook for quite a long time to get done.

Other meats, I generally just cook in olive oil. But sausage has so much fat in it already that it seems rather redundant to add more. (Crumbled sausage is easier, probably because the pieces are smaller)