18 April 2006

Stars and Patterns

I'm currently watching the Stargate episodes that were shown on Sci-Fi last night. They run four episodes back to back on Monday night. I was watching Stargate semi-regularly last summer before I got sick of it. I seem to like it better when the weather is warmer. No clue why that might be. Right now they're in the season where they discover the Russians have been using the "other" Stargate to run their own missions. So naturally we're getting a lot of backbiting. But I find it amusing that certain plotlines show up that would be impossible if there weren't another gate (Tielk (sp?) is currently stuck in the "buffer" because the Stargate he went through was destroyed before his pattern could be re-established). Another gate is necessary because the buffer resets every time the wormhole opens, and they have several teams offworld who need a way home right now.

I've currently lost interest in the matrices class. It's interesting, but I'm in writing mode at the moment. I'll keep doing presentations, but I'm currently grateful that I'm only auditing the class. I've recently realized that I have...how to put this? There is mental energy within me that, if it is not directed, causes problems. I can focus it on writing, and channel it into my characters and stories. I can focus it on a project or a goal. I can focus it on math. It is difficult to focus it on two things at once. But if it is NOT focused, I start getting...erratic. I get mild delusions, feelings of paranoia, near-hallucinations. This can also happen if I am TOO focused on a single thing (preparing for my Master's Exams comes to mind). As schizophrenia as a heritable component, I am not pleased by this realization.

And now I must grade Math 123 exams, which may be painful. The test ran long. The sudents who consistently do well finished. The rest did not, to the point that I told them to pick one problem not to do. Hopefully that was enough. We shall see.


kate said...

Stargate is one of the few sci-fi shows I actually enjoy watching. Come to think of it, it's the only one.

Qalmlea said...

:^D Later seasons have been very good. The first season is a bit weak, imo.

One thing they've done well is find new adversaries, so that it's not always the same "fight the goa'ould".