07 April 2006


My mom needed someone at her house to accept the filing cabinet she'd ordered; as it was Friday, and I have Fridays off, this duty fell on me. She also needed someone there for when the plumber came to fix the downstairs toilet. It wasn't sealing properly, so it would fill up and then the water would seep through the seal and we'd hear it start running again to fill up. We had tried to replace the parts ourselves, but whatever parts the last plumber used, we couldn't find anything compatible (American Standard is apparently the brand name). So the plumber came, found that the rubber seal was shredded (literally; it fell apart as soon as he pulled it off). He had one that was the right size to replace it. Painless from my end. I wonder what Mom's bill will be, though.

Anyway, it wasn't too long after the plumber left that Fed Ex got there with the filing cabinet. Mom had wanted them to put it in the basement, but apparently Fed Ex has insane policies in that regard (if he so much as brought the handtruck into the house, he was required to send out a carpet cleaning team), so that didn't happen. So, naturally, I took it upon myself to get it down the stairs. *grins* I like a challenge. Honestly, with two people, this would have been cake. It wasn't that heavy. It was a bit awkward for one person alone. The hardest thing was getting it off of the kitchen floor and onto the landing at the top of the stairs. It was only one step down, but the box was nearly as wide as the landing. Eventually I turned it at enough of an angle to get it onto the landing. The rest was easy. I gradually angled it down, and stayed in front of it to avoid another calamity at the bottom. Then I just let the weight rest on my back and walked down the stairs. No problem. I also claimed the ten dollars Mom had left as tip money in case the delivery guy took it down.

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