10 May 2008

Timing is Everything

On the way to Idaho Falls this morning, I stuck in my CD of Metallica songs (mixed from various albums). In the right mood, I find Metallica soothing. In the wrong mood, it just gives me a headache. This morning, it was soothing. Also, just as I hit a rather thick fog bank, the opening chords from For Whom the Bell Tolls were playing. It was quite apropros, and just a touch eerie. So listen to the opening chords if nothing else, and imagine them playing as you drive straight into this:

Sadly, the fog did not end just as the song ended. My life wasn't QUITE that much like a music video this morning. `/^


IAMB said...

That picture = freaking awesome!

P.S. We need to do coffee again soon. Summer session afternoons are much easier as far as my schedule goes...

Qalmlea said...

Agreed on the coffee... and my schedule is mostly open for the moment.

As for the picture, sadly I didn't take it. It's from wikimedia commons (click on the picture to get to the page where I found it)