27 May 2008

Critters at City Creek

This little lizard was my favorite. There was another like her nearby, but this one stayed still long enough for me to get several good shots. I think I scared her off this ledge when I came by, but I held still long enough that she decided to come back (and was probably scared off by the next hiker to come through; there were lots of people up there that day). Oh, click for larger versions.

And the same lizard, before returning to the sunny ledge. Btw, this gal was quite small, 2-3 inches long including tail. And I don't know that she's female; I just needed a pronoun and picked one.

A strangely immobile hummingbird. I thought they had to fly around constantly looking for food. I suppose it could be a fledgling, but if so, its mom was nowhere to be seen.

Lastly, a few butterflies. The top one looks vaguely like a greenish blue (Blue is a noun there; it's a grouping of butterflies). The bottom one... maybe a clouded sulphur? I do think that the top one is a blue and the bottom one is a sulphur, but I'm not really sure. *shrugs* I also saw a mourning cloak and some sort of swallowtail, but they didn't stick around long enough for me to capture them via camera.


kate said...

That little lizard reminds me of several I saw while in Southern California a few years ago. They skittered around a lot, avoiding humanity, but were quite charming.

Qalmlea said...

Yeah, usually when I see these, they skitter away too fast for me to even try to get a picture ... sometimes so fast that I can barely tell that it was even a lizard. ^/^