18 May 2008

Flowers from Gibson Jack

Below the fold are a few things blooming at Gibson Jack. Some of them were also blooming at Slate Mountain, but they're pretty anyway. I'm not going to try and identify them at the moment as today has been roughly 3 days long, and I'm a bit out of it.

Definitely in the carrot family. Beyond that, I don't know.

Another milkvetch.

I'm still going to call this one Spring Beauty, until I find a better match.

Something in the sunflower family. A lot of them grow like this one, so they're a bit hard to tell apart.

The common name for this is "pussytoes", which might be better parsed as "kitty toes" these days.

Lastly, more yellowbells. I'd never seen these at Gibson Jack before, but we had a slightly weird spring with late freezes and snowfall, so I suspect that they're usually just done blooming by the time I make it out there.

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