10 May 2008

Salt Lake Excursion

Yesterday, my mom and I wandered down into the Salt Lake area. My main interest was going to Wild Oats, primarily to stock up on Kasha (roasted buckwheat), but I figured if I was going down there anyway, I might as well find some other stops. Here's a map of the main area where we were (courtesy Google Maps). We didn't actually make it to the Thai Lotus, as we were at Wild Oats at lunchtime and they have quite a good salad bar...and we left around 4:00, before either of us was hungry for dinner.

It was quite a long day, three hours down and three hours back, plus tons of driving in between. Note to anyone using GoogleMaps to navigate Bountiful: Wiley (Willy? something like that) Street seems to be 400 North. There was a store carrying lots of sheet music just off of that street. At the Barnes and Noble, we wound up circling around a block into an alternate parking lot...which turned out to be for a Whole Foods Market. As Wild Oats had been low on Kasha, I was quite pleased by this, and promptly ran Whole Foods out of Kasha, or nearly. ^/^ Anyway, there was a little park in between the Barnes and Noble parking lot and the one where we parked, with much prettiness and one oddity. Pictures below.

The park wasn't much wider than what you see in the photo, but it was a nice little area.

Plum bushes blooming! I'm starting to wonder if mine got frosted at an inopportune moment, as it hasn't bloomed yet. Oh well. I got to see some anyway.

This is the oddity. Someone please explain to me how, exactly, a door at the bottom of cement steps is an emergency exit? Or is the sign for the manhole cover? I really don't get it.

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