14 May 2008

Gibson Jack, with dog

I hiked partway up Gibson Jack yesterday afternoon, and brought Buster along. The last time I tried to hike with him, it was a disaster. He still wasn't very well-behaved, and it was too much work to both hike and keep him in line. A year of working with him, however, has made a vast difference. He was very well-behaved. When he started pulling too much (which didn't happen often), I'd just say his name, and he'd look around and wait for me to catch up. When I stopped to dig stuff out of my backpack, he did have a tendency to wander around me in circles, thus wrapping his leash around me, but that was easily fixed. He really liked the Gibson Jack hike as there were many paths down to the creek, and he loves playing in water. Plus he could drink it. I had originally planned to go to Corral Creek instead, but then I remembered that the water there was supposed to be high in arsenic, and Buster wouldn't have understood why I wouldn't let him go near it. Anyway, I thought I'd post a few pictures of Buster and some scenery shots (and save flowers for a separate post).

Here's Buster looking happy.

Here is one of many places where Buster got to play in the water. He was still nervous of the water down by the parking lot, because of the loud noise it makes from the little falls there, but I finally coaxed him down to it by standing on one of the rocks at the edge. I used the same trick at a smaller stream further up the trail, when I knew he definitely needed a drink.


A fortuitous shot, where I just happened to notice that the moon was visible through the branches and so zoomed in to see if it would show up. It does, though not quite as well as I would have liked.

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