24 September 2007

Reluctantly Impressed

Not to mention shocked that I managed to hit a night of Season Premieres. The last new show I liked was My Name Is Earl, which I won't get to see this semester due to teaching on Thursday nights. But tonight I found two that I liked.

Chuck: computer geek absorbs top-secret info and gets sucked into the world of espionage. Bizarre, but nicely done. This was the pilot episode, so there's no telling if the quality will hold up, but it looks promising.

Also, I'm finally trying to watch Heroes, about which I've heard so many good things. I tried once before, but it was the middle of an extant season and I felt lost. I still feel slightly lost, but coming in at the beginning of the episode and the season ought to help. So we'll see if it holds my interest. It seems to be nicely done.


Aunt Bee said...

I started out watching Heroes the first season, but as it changed from entertainment to horror, I opted out. Ugly Betty did the same, only instead of horror, I would call it agenda-driven and morally in the toilet. Both shows came off to me as dishonest as they started out putting out fairly wholesome programs and then slipped offensive material in the back door.

John said...

I don't have the time (or interest, really) for much TV these days. I did try watching Heores last season, but gave up for pretty much the same reason as aunt bee (well, not so mch gave up as stopped making the extra effort to . I do plan to record the seventh season of Smallville, though.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. I tend to like darker shows, so it's just possible that I will like Heroes better for having gone more towards horror. But having seen only one episode all the way through, the verdict is still out.

Offensive...? Can't say about earlier seasons, but my impression is that they're determined to explore problems that would come up if there were such people. Some of them are quite, quite dark.

John said...

I was into dark stuff when I was in Junior High. Later, not so much. I was pretty heavy into paper-and-dice RPG's, but I avoided Vampire and Werewolf as being too dark. Strangely enough, I liked Call of Cthulu, Chill, and Beyond the Supernatural. I think because in those, the setting was dark, but you were heroic. I later found out that Werewolf was the same way, but by then it was too late, I wasnt in a situation conducive to role playing.

I loved Buffy and Angel for the same reason (heroic characters in a dark setting)

As for Heroes I mostly got bored with the slow pacing. The dark aspects were something of a turn off, because the main characters didn't seem to be fighting it, but I gave up after about the 7th or 8th episode, maybe that was too soon. I may rent the complete 1st season sometime.

Qalmlea said...

I like dark stuff, depending on the degree and the way it's done. I have more of a problem with stuff being overly bright and cheerful than I do with it being too dark, generally.

One exception: I stopped reading Michael Romkey's vampire series after his main character suddenly defected into the bad guy camp for no discernible reason. If there'd been a reason, I might have been willing to keep reading.