06 September 2007

Goodbye, Mythos

Mom's car has been pronounced totaled, which is too bad considering that it is perfectly driveable. At any rate, she went car shopping today. The Accords were too small, something else hurt her back, and she wound up with a silver Camry. I haven't seen it yet, but I expect that it will have some similarities to my Echo, as both are Toyotas. I'm a trifle irritated that she couldn't wait to go to the Toyota lot until tomorrow, as I wanted to help her test drive a Prius. She thought that the Prius would be too small, but I wanted to see how one handles. Oh well. Maybe when Jean Luc is ready to be put out to pasture.

It's vaguely amusing that we traded vehicles last night, and she wound up not needing my Echo after all. Her church choir practice started tonight, and she had two people to pick up. The pickup is rather cramped with three adults in it, so she wanted to have my car tonight, only we didn't think either of us would have time for a trade before the practice started. So we traded last night. She bought the new car sometime before two o'clock this afternoon. Oh well. Now I shall have to come up with a name for it. It doesn't much matter what name I give it; Mom will instantly hate it and refuse to acknowledge it as the car's name.

But I will miss Mythos. He was another link to Grandma. Admittedly, she didn't like the car as well as the older Buick LeSabre that she traded in on it, but it was still hers. *salutes*

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