26 September 2007

Bionic Woman

Well, I didn't hate it. That's about the best I can say about it. It could have been better, but it could also have been a lot worse. They're going for a dark, my-god-what-have-you-done-to-me feel, at least in the pilot. It looks like they plan to keep it dark, but pilots are notoriously useless at predicting future trends.

Biggest problem: wooden acting. I think the "other" bionic woman was supposed to come across as less than human, but in some ways she seemed more human, since she could actually act. Also, the fight scenes bored me. It was the "blare-loud-music-and-do-funky-things-with-the-camera" style of fight scene, which generally means that they don't have a decent fight choreographer.

I recognized one of the actors from the Witchblade TV series, and there's a similar flavor to Bionic Woman, but Witchblade was interesting and well-acted. I was rather annoyed when it didn't get renewed for a third season. Similarities? Consistently dark venues, loud music vignettes, and a sense of resisting her "fate." But, really, this felt like a pale imitation. Witchblade was engaging right from the get-go. Also, the music had understandable lyrics that generally enhanced or went with the storyline. The ones in Bionic Woman just seemed random, like, "Hey! No dialogue! Toss me a CD!"

Yikes. The more I think about it, the more it feels like a bad Witchblade rip-off. You've got a random event choosing the woman who is to become the 'savior,' a manipulative group/corporation trying to control her afterward, a false 'savior' trying to muscle in on the action... All that in addition to the imitative shooting style. *sighs* I really wish they'd kept making Witchblade. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll watch this again or not. But I can't honestly recommend it.


John said...

"They're going for a dark, my-god-what-have-you-done-to-me feel, at least in the pilot"

It wasn't dark, but that was the feel of the original series, in a campy, '70's way. (I loved the original, in the way only 7-year old kids can. "The Bionic Woman" was a spin-off of "The Six Million Dollar Man", which I liked more. Less plot, more action (hey, I was seven.)

Qalmlea said...

Yeah, I vaguely remember seeing those (probably in re-runs). The main thing I remember is the corny sound effect whenever he did something "bionic." ^/^

Qalmlea said...

Oh, and I do remember liking 6 million dollar man when I was little, and being bored with the bionic woman spin-off. The memories are so vague, though, that I couldn't tell you why.

Fibonacci said...

Don't forget the movie bringing them together, Bionic Ever After. When that was aired on T.V. my parents informed me I was not allowed to criticize it in any way because it belonged to THEIR generation.

Qalmlea said...

I think I saw that movie... I have vague memories of watching it at my grandparents' house in Akron. But all I remember are a few vague flashes of scenes that could be from any one of several hundred movies from the '80's.

John said...

There was at least one other TV movie, about the next genreation of bionic agents. I think one was Steve Austin's son.

The only thing I remember about it is Jamie Sommers being assigned to help the new bionic girl adjust to her new situation (she had the same my-god-what-have-you-done-to-me attitude). When they are out running the girl blows past Jamie, who say something like "Now I feel obsolete.

That and Steve Austin's kid had a laser weapon in his eye.

John said...

I might be thinking of the same one.