23 September 2007


Sometime this week, I bought a new mug. One with a lid that would fit in the cup-holders in my car. I'm somewhat picky about these things. I will not buy travel mugs with plastic-lined interiors, for instance. So when I found a good deal on a mug like I prefer, I snatched it up. But there was a somewhat odd sticker on it...

Keeps beverages hot or cold
Non-slip base
Can be used for travel or in home/office
18 ounce capacity

The first one is a trifle redundant, but pretty standard for such cups. The second one is also reasonable, while the fourth one is nice to know. The third one strikes me as...weird. I mean, any mug or cup "can be used for travel or in home/office." Now, this one is particularly suited to travel, as it has a lid and is of a size that will fit in most car cup-holders. The lid, however, also makes it a good choice in any situation where you want to minimize the risk of spilling things. If they'd worded it differently, say "Perfect for travel! Great for home use, too!" it wouldn't be so odd. It's the "can be," I think, that bugs me. I mean, a book can be used for kindling, and a television set can be used to start a fire. That doesn't mean that those are particularly good uses of those things, however.


John said...

It's the warnings on stuff that gets to me.

One time I saw a pack of dice with the warning (in big bold print) "Not for human consumption."

I thought that this was particularly ridiculous because anyone who would try to eat dice probably can't read.

Qalmlea said...

The redundant ones are often amusing, in a sad way.

On a sleep aid: May cause drowsiness. Uh, isn't that the point?

On a candy with "peanut" in the name: May contain peanuts. First off, the name itself should discourage anyone with a severe peanut allergy. Second off, chances are that peanuts are listed in the ingredients. More recently, I've seen Contains: Peanuts, which is much more sensible, and seems to be part of the new FDA labeling requirements. (along with wheat, milk and soy, and possibly a few others).