05 September 2007

A few changes

I've added a few things to the sidebar. First, I found a blog posting entries from Thoreau's journals called "The Blog of Henry David Thoreau." Unfortunately, I already had a B, H, D, and T, so I called it "Of Henry Thoreau," as I didn't yet have an 'O'. Yes, this is a mildly insane way to list things, but so long as I know that, I figure it's okay. In addition, there are now a bunch of Thoreau quotes in the Random Quote database.

I can also now say that my comics go from A to Z! From Arthur: King of Time and Space to Zortic. Yeah, a few letters are still skipped. If I can work out an alternate name for it, I may link to f8ed. Nothing's coming to mind at the moment, though.

I'm not really sure why it bugs me to have duplicate entries starting with the same letter of the alphabet when not all letters are represented, but it does. If I ever hit 26, I swear that I will try not to keep them all balanced once duplicates do show up. Of course, then I might opt for blogger's "hide" feature, so that they don't all show up at once anyway. Actually, if I did that NOW, I might be able to tolerate having duplicate letters... But it's more fun to figure out reasonable renames!


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