02 September 2007

A few more searches

1. attend the tale of sweeney todd: Hopefully the movie with Johnny Depp will be good. Hmmm... I haven't checked on it in a while. Ah, due to be released on December 21. Details here.
2. csssssss: Yessssss my prrrecioussssss???
3. kabatt family coat of arms: Sorry, wrong blog. I'm not sure where "kabatt" is in my blog, in point of fact. Oh... Middle name of an author. That explains it.
4. les mis quiz: See! I'm not the only one who goes looking for these things!
5. light bulb golden retriever yellow lab philosophy jack russell: Ummmm... My best guess is that this person was looking for a piece of artwork and couldn't remember the artist's name. Apparently it was a picture of a bunch of dogs with a light bulb over their head, reading philosophy texts. Hey, there's "Dogs playing poker" so why not "Dogs reading philosophy"?

Ummm... this is getting to be a bit addicting... I'll try to save any more until the end of the month. ^/^

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