17 September 2007

One Down...

Stats tests are graded. I don't think anyone got below a 70% on this one. I usually have at least one total bomb. Yup, low score was 70%, median 89% average 87%, std. dev 8%. One person even got a perfect score, even though I forgot to put a bonus question on. I don't think this was any easier than previous tests I've given, but maybe it was. *shrugs*

I've still got Math015 tests to grade, but those won't take as long, and not just because there are fewer students in that class. Oh, the Math108 center wasn't slammed while I was there, but it was a bit busier. I actually answered quite a few math questions, rather than the two or three of the two prior weeks. Deadline this Friday, too, so it may be similar.

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