01 May 2009

Here We Go Again...

Today I finally had allergies bad enough to try the Claritin "ready-tabs" I bought after giving up on the Zyrtec. I never had major side effects with Claritin ... it just tended to work only one time in three. I'm hoping the ready-tabs (which dissolve in the mouth) will be more likely to work. It took about 15 minutes from trying the ready-tab to feeling my head suddenly clear. So... now I get to see what new and exciting terrifying unexpected side effect come from this antihistamine! (You try giving a lecture when your nose won't stop running, your eyes itch, and your head feels like someone's slowly tightening a noose around it. Doesn't sound good? That's why I tried the Claritin.)

UPDATE: About all the Claritin did was help clear my head. It didn't stop the runny nose and sneezing at all. I was seriously tempted to reach for the Zyrtec, but I had to keep reminding myself: "one day's relief = two weeks of itching and acid reflux, followed by a histamine backlash." Symptoms are somewhat improved today, and I discovered that activity actually reduced the symptoms yesterday. I'd actually been wondering if I'd have to cancel my last review lecture halfway through, but as soon as I got up to the chalkboard and was moving around and talking, the symptoms nearly disappeared. As soon as I sat down and relaxed afterwards, they started coming back. So I think I'll go do some yardwork, and see if that will continue to help them today. No taiji, as I don't want to drive up there and I'm not sure what effect Don's cigarette smoke will have on my allergies ... plus if the symptoms do hit full force again, Don wouldn't want me up there.

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