30 April 2009

Tulips. Finally.

These tulips have been threatening to come out for quite a while, but hadn't quite made it until today. Also, until today, I wasn't quite sure I was going to like their color. With the green still in them, before they'd opened all the way, I didn't like the color, but now that they've "ripened," I think they're gorgeous. I've also got at least one deep purple tulip that looks like it ought to open in the next week or so. I've been impatient because I've seen all sorts of tulips in bloom all over town for at least the past two weeks... not sure if mine are slow because they're brand new bulbs or because they're different varieties. I do know that the leaves on these tulips are spikier than the leaves on most tulips. I like the leaves better that way, actually, though I'm curious if it's possible to get the unusual coloring without the spiky leaves.

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