01 May 2009


I decided I ought to get a picture of the whole flowery area before the hyacinth had faded completely. The hyacinth closest to the house is already looking a bit bedraggled. Ah well. There are more daffodils on the way, and the purple tulips are getting ready to take up some of the slack. That tall plant, next to the fading hyacinth, looks like it will be the first purple tulip to open. (As you can see, I never got around to weed-matting the area; no clue if I'll decide to do it later or not)

Oh, you can also see one of the solar lights that I found at Target a couple weeks back. They were on sale, so I got four of these for about $33. They put out a surprising amount of light. Even more surprisingly, they actually run on rechargeable AA batteries, so if it ever becomes apparent that the batteries aren't holding their charge, it is possible to replace them.

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