29 May 2009

Fickle Mowers

As it turns out, my gas mower will start... so long as it's above 80° Fahrenheit. This makes it a bit difficult to use, say, in the mornings, when it would be least unpleasant to mow. I tried it again this afternoon, because the push-mower does not work well on parts of the back yard. For the front yard, it works great. For the back... eh... too much debris from the elm tree, I think. It's still much more pleasant to use, so where possible I'm going to use it. Also, it will "start" when it's below 80°.

Oh, the gas mower didn't enjoy mowing up a largish piece of cardboard. I mainly went over it to see what would happen. There may be a reason that my last lawnmower plotted with the elm tree to kill me... `/^

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