09 May 2009

Ceiling Cat?

Okay, more like "Rafter Cat". Pouncer has found a way to get into the rafters of the garage. I'm not entirely sure how he's getting up there, but I did see him get down by leaping onto a table. This afternoon, I needed to leave for a short trip to get more screws (explanation coming tomorrow, unless I get distracted), and decided it was easier just to lock the garage than to try and get Pouncer down. I didn't particularly want to leave the garage open, and I'm not sure what he would have done if I'd tried to put the ladder under him and climb up. He wasn't too happy when I got back, so I don't know if he'll keep climbing up there or not. For reference, there's an old door up there that's been there since I bought the house, and it's the ceiling that slopes, not the door that Pouncer is laying on.

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