05 April 2009

GF Products: riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps

I'm not finding the flavor I bought available online. Though Amazon lists it with its riceworks products, it says it is not currently available through them. I found these at CostCo, and a quick scan suggests they may also be available at Target. CostCo has a surprising number of gluten-free snack options available, though they don't have too much in the way of gluten free baking ingredients.

The flavor I tried is Sea Salt. I was ... very pleasantly surprised by these chips. There is a small list of items that I still miss and have not found anything remotely equivalent in gluten-free options. I can now cross "Triscuits" off that list. The texture is not the same as Triscuits, but the flavor is strongly reminiscent. I can't compare directly, of course, but I can say that whatever it was that appealed to me about the flavor of Triscuits is also in the flavor of these chips. The texture, though, comes closer to that of the fried tortilla strips that I sometimes found in Mexican offerings, but crispier.

So I finally have one product I can recommend today without reservation. Unfortunately, I can't provide a retail link to it, so you'll have to hunt around Targets and CostCos if you want to try it.

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