05 April 2009

GF Products: Glutino Gluten Free Organic Bars

I got two varieties of these at Wealth of Health a few weeks ago. Chocolate Peanut and Wildberry. They were ... okay, but not particularly good. Both suffer from the same problem, at least in my opinion: flax seeds.

In hearty, multigrain offerings (crackers, breads, etc.), I don't mind the flavor of flax seeds. It goes well with other hearty flavors. It does not go well in something intended to be a sweet snack. Everything except the flax-flavor was enjoyable, so if it weren't for that, I would recommend them without hesitation. As is, if you've tasted flax seeds, you'll have a pretty good idea if you would like them in a sweet offering. If not, you might consider trying one box to see if you like them better than I do.

(Interestingly, Glutino has voluntarily recalled the chocolate/peanut variety, due to the salmonella scare. No one's actually been made sick by the bars, though.)

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