11 August 2008


Via John's comment on the post below, I started thinking about the "Why are we here?" question for a bit. This was, roughly, my mental process:

Why am I here? : Er, where else would I be? This is where I am.

But what is the purpose of my being here? : Purpose? You mean like a function, like a mop or a broom or something?

No, no... What's the purpose of LIFE? : It's life, so you live it. What more do you need?

But surely it all must mean something!: Ummm... It just is... why does it have to mean anything? Seriously. What is the meaning of a coffee table? Sure, it was made for a specific purpose, but is that its meaning? Does it have a meaning? Sure it does. *sets a vase of flowers on the coffee table* There, see?

What does that have to do with anything?!?? : Tables are for setting things on. Life is for living. The only trick is to pay attention. Otherwise, you're not really living.

But why? What's the point? : Weren't you paying attention?


John said...

In my (not particularly extensive) experience, people who keep yammering on about the meaning/purpose of life won't stop until they hear "to do God's will" or something similar.

Snark said...

I think maybe it actually is to do God's will. I just have to figure out what that means. I think it's probably something close to selflessness.

Qalmlea said...

If by "God's will" you mean to be what we already are and not what we think we're supposed to be... ^/^ I don't consider "God's anything" to be a useful answer, as it's rare to find two people who agree on what it means. *shrugs*