23 August 2008


At the moment, I'm the only one coming to Saturday taiji practice. Largely because of this, I think, Don's agreed to teach me the taiji saber form. It's not a Cheng Man-Ch'ing form, but it's interesting. It's also weird that some of the moves feel like I'm remembering them from somewhere else... I have no idea if that actually means anything, but I'd like to think it means I was, say, a samurai or some such in a former life. The katana isn't quite the same as the saber (some pictures and links here), but they're both curved and single-edges, so I'm sure there's at least some overlap in usage.

The house is too quiet. Jacques was(?) the most vocal of all the cats. Best case scenario, someone took him in. It's unlikely that happened the night he went missing, though. It would have been between 10 pm and 4 am. So that entails the assumption that he got himself lost, then got taken in. We checked at the pound yesterday. No luck. When I was driving around through the nearby alleys and streets, I saw a yard with a cat trap, so I started to hope that he'd just gotten himself trapped and impounded.

The thing that I notice is that I'm still functioning. I wasn't really after Grandma died. It was something like automatic pilot at that point. Things needed to be done, and they got done, and I have little memory of how.

I just keep expecting to come home, and find him in the garden or on the porch... *sighs*


John said...

I'm sorry about Jacques. Pets are often as much a part of the family as anyone, and loosing them just as painful.

This should really be a comment on an earlier thread, but I wasn't sure you'd see it there. It took me a while to find the picture and scan it in.

John said...

"loosing" should be "losing", of course

Qalmlea said...

Beautiful picture. I would have seen the notification in my inbox and had to hunt for it, but, yeah, it's easier to find up here.

I hope that Jacques just got lost and adopted by someone else. I really do. He's friendly enough, once he sees a person a few times. *sighs*