08 August 2008

Idaho Falls Waterfall

water tumbles, gushes, roars
over, under, between the rocks
when will canyons form?

Yesterday, my mom had to go to a presentation in Idaho Falls and I tagged along. While she was freezing at the meeting, I wandered IF, but eventually I got bored and stopped at the waterfall that I think gave Idaho Falls its name. I'm not entirely sure, but it's a waterfall that's in Idaho Falls, so my guess makes sense. It's a small waterfall in terms of height, but it's massively wide. I didn't walk along the the whole width of it, but I'd guess it's at least a quarter mile wide.

Hmmm... turns out it's not a natural falls (but my guess at the width was close):
Idaho Falls in the city of the same name is created by a man-made diversion dam used for hydroelectric power. Before the dam was created, this was just a bunch of small rapids. Now, the Snake River makes a drop of about 20 ft. or so over a width of 1200 ft. It is an interesting location, and there is a beautiful walkway along the river here, so one can stroll along the whole length of the falls. ~Source.

There are some pictures of the actual falls available, but I chose the one above (from Portland's Japanese Garden) because, until I saw these falls, I didn't quite understand why they thought the arrangement of bushes looked like a waterfall. When I saw the falls, this image came immediately to mind, and I understood. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so I couldn't try to capture the feel myself. ^/^

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