15 August 2008

Marlene Winell

I'm resisting the temptation to just steal this post. Much of it I could have written myself, though I likely would have been less eloquent. Also, I would not call myself an atheist or a theist, either one. I object to that language as much as I object to traditional language and descriptions of the divine. It's one of those useless "there are two kinds of people" gambits, a false dilemma. Anyway, I resisted the urge to steal the whole post, and just took this one part (with attribution):

There is no religious description of “god” that matches the grandeur of the universe as it is – elusive, ever-changing, impossibly mind-boggling. And this includes us. We are part of the fabric; there is no separation. If this is believing in god, then by all means, a hundred times YES! But I’m still not drawn to the language.

~Marlene Winell

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