09 August 2008

Good for Something After All

Orac has discovered the one thing that Bush is good at: alienating people from the Republican party.


It turns out that my friend, who had been more conservative than I for longer than I, had come to the same conclusion as I: That George W. Bush is the worst, the most incompetent President that either of us could remember and that the invasion of Iraq was the biggest foreign policy fiasco in either of our lifetimes, and arguably in the last century. Indeed, he may have been even harsher on the whole misadventure than I was, pointing out how it's bankrupted our nation, strained our Army and Marines to the breaking point, and diverted the attention of our military from where it should have been all along, namely Afghanistan, the nation from which al Qaeda had launched the 9/11 attacks against us. This war had resulted in the deaths of thousands of our best and bravest young people in the service of, it turns out in retrospect, doing Iran the biggest favor any nation has ever done for it, remembering that we both came of age during the Iranian hostage crisis in the late 1970s, and that was the crucible that forged our political orientation.

Not exactly related: what does it even mean to "pledge allegiance" to a flag? If we actually take this literally, then placing an American flag decal on any item makes it something we owe allegiance to. I'm suddenly imagining a Monty Python sketch where people follow the person wearing the most flags (decals, embroidery, whatever), and the process of politics consists of trying to remove opponent's flags and add to one's own. *pauses* Sadly, that's not an unreasonable metaphor for the current state of politics.

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