28 February 2006


We had hail today, while I was walking over to the math center for my two-hour stint. :^D I quite enjoyed it (except when it hit my ear, but a carefully placed hand rectified that difficulty). Now it's turned to rain, rain, rain, rain... Not quite as much fun as the hail, but more than welcome. Wind, rain, thunder, hail? Who could ask for anything more? (No, this isn't a car commercial)

Okay, I actually prefer snow, but if it's determined to turn to spring, BRING ON THE RAIN! And thunder. And hail. :^D (Yes, I just had some chocolate; how could you tell?)


kate said...

I love rain, especially when there's thunder and lightening accompanying it. And I don't mind when the power goes out. It makes the weather much more tangible.

Snow is different. It's pretty for the first day or so, but then it's cold and muddy and it just sucks. That's only my opinion, of course...

Qalmlea said...

It's only muddy if it warms up too much. And that's the fault of the warmth, not the snow. ;^)