07 February 2006


Let's see... feeling much better this week. The hunger has died down considerably. I'm starting to wonder if (before I knew I was gluten intolerant), there was permanent damage done that makes it more difficult for me to absorb nutrients. As I no longer have symptoms (since I now avoid gluten-containing foods), I had assumed not, but the damage may be subtle enough that it doesn't show up unless I don't get enough of whatever nutrients aren't being absorbed. *shrugs* Short version: multivitamins are my friend.

I skipped out on about three eighths of my math lab duty today. Why? Because I realized I had forgotten both my Matrix notebook and my taiji pants (my nicer pants are slightly too tight for taiji). If it had been only one forgotten item, I wouldn't have gone back for it, but for two... I lucked out and got a closer parking spot when I got back, though.

We start a new chapter in Math in Modern Society today. Euler circuits = graph theory. This looks to be lots of fun to teach. :^D Also, I finally remembered to bring in some dry erase markers and an eraser; I'm in the classroom with one dry erase section of board (put in for a faculty member who's allergic to chalk). I expect that this will be better for drawing the paths, etc., than the chalk will. I'll find out this evening.

Last but not least, Kim is proving quite enjoyable. Currently, he's found his "red bull on a green field" and is plotting escape. I am nearly convinced that this book was part of the inspiration for Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic, where Rincewind guides the first ever tourist, Twoflower. There's a similar...flavor between the two. Other than two unlikely characters journeying together, though, the plots have little in common.

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