01 February 2006

Status Report

Foot: Healing (so long as I don't wear my mocassins. *sigh* and I like my moccasins)

Food: Improving (I went a whole four hours without feeling starved to death. Thrice. Then the hunger started kicking in, but it was milder. Extra meat and taking multivitamins seem to be helping)

F...f...f...uh, Work: Math 015 and Math 025 both got their tests back today, i.e. I graded roughly 100 tests between Monday and now. One more test to give this week (slight scheduling mishap; for some reason I thought it was last week, last week...) I also introduced my Math 015 students to the idea of MathXL, and as of 18:50 or so, one had even gotten into the system and onto my gradesheet. It's optional for Chapter 2. Probably chapter 3 will require at least one homework be done on there, and I'll go from there.

Play: Widdershins and Sunwise! :^D

Sign: "Stay with us, one location at a time." (billboard for a hotel) Nah, I think I'll stay in two of your hotels at once! I'll clone myself just for this purpose and spoil your whole advertising scheme! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hahhhhh!


kate said...

Isn't it a bit wet out for moccasins? Not that I'm one to talk--I wear flip flops year-round, but those don't soak up moisture much.

Qalmlea said...

Depends. The grass is a bit too damp for them. Besides my snow boots (which are a bit warm at the moment), the only shoes that don't seem to bother my feet are my [generic] Birkenstocks. So I'm wearing those.