04 February 2006

Status of the Rebellion

Seems like the multivitamins have taken care of the worst of it, but my body is still not entirely happy. It still refuses to acknowledge white rice, GF toast, or popcorn as food more than once a day, so it has effectively put me on a low-carb diet. It wants vegetables, meat, and fruit, and will tolerate the occasional carb-heavy product. So long as I keep taking the multivitamin. Also, it seems like caffeine puts me to sleep in anything resembling large quantities (more than one cup of tea, for instance). No clue what that's about or if there's a connection.

My foot was fine in taiji today. It complained a bit at the beginning, but by the end, a nice, healing warmth had spread through it, so the taiji is probably helping it.

I made a post last night that blogger ate, but it wasn't particularly coherent, so no major loss there. However, as blogger is currently doing odd things (i.e. not letting me access any of its blogs), this post will be saved on my computer. Just in case. I will try to reconstruct the rather lousy haiku from last night:

giant purplered mangoes
mushrooms stalking silently
this poem now ends


kate said...

I wasn't able to access any blogger sites yesterday. I thought it was just my computer, but maybe it's not.

Qalmlea said...

Fibonacci and I both had trouble with it. There was a scheduled two hour outage around noon, but I think it actually lasted longer than two hours as far as being able to access sites was concerned. Rather irritating, really.