03 February 2006

Vitamin-induced Haikunization

(explanation: I took two multivitamins together at lunch yesterday... It was rather like taking a shot of pure essence of chocolate, tempered with tea... I was in no mood to sit quietly in Matrix Analysis)


window sill
invites me to sit
and look out

skies clouding over
wind wanders freely outside
while I'm trapped within

turn the page
empty space abounds
fill it up

diag'nal matrix
has too many syllables
shortening required

cannot concentrate
on just one thing at a time

energy hunger
mixing together inside
let me out of here!


add up positives
total sum can't be zero:
a contradiction

if and only if
the mantra of higher math
arrows point both ways

Hermitian matrix
positive definite iff
leading minors pos.

out of materi'l
turning pages at random
seeking ideas

The last one is from today, and bears no relation to the others:

chickens crossing roads
interminable question
answers abound here

(Via Pharyngula)

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