15 February 2006

Mathematical Vampire Movie?

If the title wasn't a giveaway, this was a really odd dream. The first part I remember is being in a movie theater. It's rather full, and I'm sitting next to a very unpleasant woman who keeps accusing me of taking up her space while fidgeting around. My foot was directly in front of my seat, but she kept twitching and kicking it, insisting that it was in her space. I was rather relieved when intermission came, and got up and scooted toward the aisle (I think at first I was on the aisle seat, but not when intermission came). Then I encountered Fibonacci, in the aisle seat, and the movie suddenly started up again, so it hadn't actually been intermission. I sat on the floor in the aisle, waiting for real intermission. When it came, Fibonacci was nowhere to be seen, but Dan (from the math center) and some scrawny bearded guy who looked like a hippy reject were (Dan was in the aisle seat, hippy-guy was behind me in the aisle).

I got up again, and noticed a lot of math people sort of patrolling the aisles. They were there to answer math questions related to the movie. The movie was about vampires (details are fuzzy, but one looked sort of like the lead singer from Nickelback, and, in the dream, I was certain he'd been in another vampire movie that I'd seen). However, it apparently also involved quantum singularities and a bunch of cosmology. As I walked up the aisle, still headed for a restroom, I overheard some girl saying "Yeah, this is the most commercial math department in the country. I think Berkeley's next after us."

For some reason, the restrooms were not in the theater, but in a bookstore across the parking lot from it. I had already been in the bookstore once, and was suddenly carrying a bag containing two paperbacks purchased from there. So I hoped to sneak in and out without being noticed by the proprietor (presumably so I wouldn't be forced to buy anything else). It's a brick building. I go inside and down a winding, dark, narrow stairway to the basement. It looks like a stereotypical spooky basement, and rather than Men/Women, the restrooms are labelled with strange, encrusted numbers. I pick one at random and go in. One stall is too dirty to use. Another is shut, though no one seems to be in it. The third one is unoccupied, and clean, but it has a dozen small toilets in it, arranged in rows.

When I head back out of the restroom, the bag of books is now a package of markers. It's a rather odd set, containing a sequence of black permanent marker, orange dry erase marker, and (I think) green regular markers. At this point, I'm not happy to be in the basement, because it would be a bad place to be caught by the vampires (so they're not just in the movie anymore). I head up the staircase, only it's wider this time, and comes out in a different place. I have to thread my way through a large crowd having some sort of celebration to get back out, but I don't.

Instead, I see a woman with dark brown hair and attack her. Mostly, I'm holding on to her, and keeping her from moving away, but I think I was also absorbing her energy, or something. Despite the obvious struggle, no one at the party takes any notice. I'm sort of starting to wake up, and thinking how it's not fair that (in my dreams) I've never gotten to sink fangs into someone and drink their blood. So I'm sort of straining to do this while struggling with the woman. Also, there was some random insult (from one of the other vampires, who were apparently at the party), that the ones with TALENT from Three's Company actually had jobs. The implication is that the woman I was attacking was an out-of-work actress from Three's Company, but she looked nothing like anyone I ever saw on Three's Company.

Next thing I know, I'm in my bedroom, and sort of assume I've woken up. Only I decide to prove that I'm awake by picking up a plastic sack and putting it in the trash can in the bathroom. For some reason, I have my eyes closed, and find my way in by feel (and, yes, I did have tactile sensation in the dream; I felt the doorknob under my hand). Once in there, though, the bag turns back into the package of markers. Then my alarm goes off and I REALLY wake up.

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