24 February 2009

Urban Legends Quiz

I got ten out of ten correct on this quiz. Anyone who watches Mythbusters will have a free pass on three of them. Of the others, there were two I wasn't sure about, but my instincts turned out to be correct (details below the fold so as not to give away answers to anyone wanting to try the quiz fresh).

One was the Fig Newton question. That one seemed likely to be true, and it was. The other was the Bill Gates question, but that sounded too much like a standard chain mail forwarding scheme ... and it was.


John said...

Yeah, the Fig Newton question gave me pause, but I also guessed true for it because it seemed plausible. I actually knew all the others, except the cactus/tarantula one (I'm a geek and surf randomly around snopes.com when I'm bored), but that was just too ridiculous to be real, so I guessed false. Ten out of ten.

Qalmlea said...

I'd actually run across the cactus story in a compendium of urban legends (just the legends; no analysis of veracity) and looked it up. So that one I was sure of.

Actually, I think I looked it up the second time I came across it...in an e-mail forward. Whenever I get a forward from my mom, my first inclination is to assume that everything in it is false.

John said...

"Whenever I get a forward from my mom, my first inclination is to assume that everything in it is false."

Yeah. I have the same reaction to stuff my mom forwards.

Qalmlea said...

It doesn't help that I'm not overly fond of forwards in the first place. The pretty picture ones are about the only ones that I occasionally like. I'd rather get incoherent political rants (which she's usually asking me to verify/unverify, not seeming to notice the pattern that they are nearly always 99% complete and utter bunk) than some of the things she seems to consider funny. *sighs*