28 February 2009


The season 5 DVDs of Mythbusters all open with a Discovery channel commercial that cannot be skipped. Normally this irritates me, but it actually took me several weeks to even notice that it couldn't be skipped. The commercial is short enough, and entertaining enough, that usually I'm just happy to sing along. I've embedded a version from You Tube below the fold; it's not quite the version on the DVDs, but it's pretty close. Some bits are identical, and other bits have been swapped around. (Example: on the DVD version, the Mythbusters show up with Adam singing "I love to try stuff!" as he sets Jamie's shirt on fire. Same situation is on the embedded version, but they've got a different bit of the song.) Incidentally, there are lots of Boom-de-Yada versions on YouTube. The Star Wars one is very well done.


John said...

My normal reaction to commercials is "Someone actually got paid for this crap?"

Whoever had the idea "Boom-De-Yada" commercial, though, really deserved the money.

This is my favorite version, even though it's just a webcomic, so no music.

John said...

PS: each frame is from a previous comic, with the text changed.

Qalmlea said...

Actually, I came across an attempt to set the xkcd one to music whilst looking for the Discovery channel one. It turned out to be poorly done, but I just found two that are decent:
Folksy Minimalist
Early '90's Rock
Not perfect, but a heckuva lot better than the first one I came across.