16 February 2009

So this is why her books still sell...

Today's SkinHorse was almost certainly a blatant rip at the Anita Blake books (minor adult implications in the comic), and this comment explains a lot:

*snrk* Yeah, definitely a Hamilton reference there. We have a drinking game going around my book club. Every time she puts out a new book, we go in, open to a random chapter, and then take a number of drinks equal to the awkwardly described sex acts found therein.

Haven't made it out sober yet. :p

~Liquid Communism

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I did finally wind up buying the last Anita Blake book when it came out in paperback, and it's been sitting gathering dust ever since. I just can't seem to find a sufficiently depraved mood to sit down and wade through it. A drinking game might make it more enjoyable ... except that I'd have to take up drinking, and I'm unlikely to find a sufficiently depraved mood for that, either.

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