07 February 2009

A Difficult Operation

I assisted with an organ transplant today. My mom semi-inherited an organ from a friend of hers at her church, and so we moved it, took her old organ out of her house, and put the "new" organ in its place. That makes it sound much simpler than it was. Moving organs through narrow doors with little turning room is not simple. However, neither is it interesting enough to describe in minute detail, except to note that it's important to work out correct orientation before tipping the things on end.

Oh, "semi-inherited" because the friend is not dead, but he suffered a massive stroke and, at best, is going to have to live in some sort of assisted living facility. I didn't know him very well, but he was a nice, elderly gentleman with a real passion for music. We might have been done an hour sooner had he been less passionate, as the family was trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible and my mom was more than happy to poke through looking for more bits of his music collection. She already has boxes of her own stuff she's never gone through, so I'm not sure where she plans to put all this stuff... Not my problem, I guess.

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