13 February 2009

Happy Belated Darwin Day

I had planned to post something yesterday ... but I was functioning on about three-quarters of a cylinder and needed to sleep more than I needed to blog. So I'll just point out some very good posts and steal one quote from Darwin:

But astronomers do not state that God directs the course of each comet & planet. -- The view that each variation has been providentially arranged seems to me to make natural selection entirely superfluous, & indeed takes [the] whole case of appearance of new species out of the range of science. ... I wonder whether Herschel would say that you ought always to give the higher providential Law, & declare that God had ordered all certain changes of level that certain mountains should arise. -- I must think that such views of Asa Gray & Herschel merely show that the subject in their minds is in Comte's theological stage of science [the first of three stages in the development of knowledge].

~Darwin, found at Thoughts in a Haystack

Also check out Exploring Our Matrix and Think Buddha.

Incidentally, I keep getting messages that I've flagged blogs as having objectionable content ... and I have not. Also, none of the options for unflagging the blogs is showing up. So apologies to anyone who gets a message their blog was flagged ... when I find a way to undo it, I will. My best guess is that the little monkey that lives in my computer got bored and started clicking on things.

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