14 February 2009


The phrase, "The technobabble is strong with this one" popped into my head at lunch today, and I decided I had to illustrate it. Not being much of an artist, this involved a lot of copying and pasting.
Interrogation Room
Darth Vader
Wesley Crusher
The frame around the implied one-way mirror was a Printmaster-Gold graphic, as was the text bubble.

And, yes, I know that I'm mixing two entirely different series together. That's part of what amuses me about it, and I tried to grab at least some technobabble from both to mix into Wesley's protest.


John said...

So what prompted it?

Qalmlea said...

I'm not really sure... I just had the phrase pop straight into my head. If I'd been watching either Star Trek or Star Wars, it would make some sense ... or if I'd been listening to the news. * shrugs *