20 July 2008


Too busy getting ready to go to Colorado to post much here, but I thought someone besides me might find this helpful. I have a Jeep JXTCR2 travel alarm clock, which I got because it was cheap and had automatic time-setting via radio. Two things that the user has to worry about setting: the time-zone and the time for the alarm. And the controls are the least bloody intuitive things I've ever come across.

So if you, like me, have misplaced the instructions, I just managed to figure both of these out.

Timezone: Hit "mode". Release. Hit "set" and keep hitting it until the correct timezone is marked. Hit "mode" again to get back to the clock-screen.

Alarm: Hit mode. Release. Hold "set" for about 5-10 seconds (too long and nothing happens). When you release the key, the alarm times should start flashing. Hit "adjust" to cycle to the correct hour. Hit "set" again to get to the minutes, then "adjust" to cycle to the correct minute. Hit "mode" to get back to normal functioning.

Anyone who stumbles across this, feel free to post questions in the comments if there's something else you can't figure out. Who knows, maybe it's something else I know how to do on the thing. '/^

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Wynne said...

Thank you. I know this post is old, as is my little jeep travel clock (and I). The battery died for only the second time ever last week, and we've been trying to get the time zone set for days....