21 July 2008

Hotel Reports

Rawlins, Econolodge: Lousy. Wireless internet was not available in rooms. Might have been in the lobby, but I was too tired to check. Bathroom door did not close all the way. Claims of "recent renovation" amount to papering over mediocre decor, and doing it badly (EX: marble threshold in doorway; carpet laid over board in closet; half-inch gap revealing old tile between). Bathtub drained more slowly than the shower put out water, so that I was up to my ankles by the end of the shower. For, say, fifty bucks or less, this would have been tolerable. They were charging much more. Don't bother.

Fort Collins, Quality Inn on Mason: Awesome. Good internet connection. Very clean and new interiors. Spacious. Also a good location. Most hotels here require driving five miles out on Mulberry to get to them, and that gets old very quickly. For very slightly more than we paid for the Rawlins Econolodge, we have a room that's several thousand times better. ADDENDUM: Got to use a luggage cart, as our room was on the second floor and I didn't feel like making enough trips to get Mom's suitcases and the coolers up without mechanical aid. If you take one into a small elevator, do make sure that the wheels that turn are pointed at the door, NOT the static wheels ... or else do not turn it at all once it's in the elevator. Otherwise, getting it out is a major hassle, especially since the elevator gets impatient and starts trying to close the doors.

*I've stayed in Econolodges that I liked; this just wasn't one of them.

Estes Park: Travelodge. Pretty good so far. Slightly smaller than the room in Fort Collins, but everything's clean and works. The wireless network doesn't seem to reach into our room, and also requires a password. The network does work in the lobby, and I did acquire the password ... but I'm actually logged into some random open access network that reaches here. No clue to whom it might belong. This network did (sort of) reach into the hotel room, but wouldn't stay connected. Works just fine in the lobby. Oh, Highland Music now carries Native American flutes! And I now know exactly what my major Christmas present from my mom will be. `/^ Oh, I also found a nice piece of rock art. If I remember, I'll post a picture after I get home. The artist carves a master himself, on a real rock, then makes a mold for mass production. Very very nice.

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