15 July 2008

Birthday Stuff

As usual, my dad gave me money, and it was just enough to cover two DVD sets I've had my eye on. Ancient Voices and Lost Civilizations. I haven't officially mentioned it on the blog, but I no longer have cable ... largely because I lost track of the bills at some point and they strangely objected to not being paid. I got home, saw a polite little note on the door informing me that it had been cut off, and mentally said, "Huh."

I suppose some people would have frantically rushed over to the office and begged or bribed them to turn it back on. I just shrugged and decided to see if I really missed it. Answer: not by much. I missed the few channels I actually watched: Discovery, History, HGTV mainly. I didn't miss any of the network programming. So I've just been getting myself a good documentary collection now and again and very much enjoying the complete and utter lack of commercials. Once in a while I do turn on the tv at my mom's house, and sort of recoil in horror from all the commercials, rather like I do when I have to use IE (no adblock). So that's $600 less of a drain on my income every year, with my mom's place as a backup should I desperately desire to imbibe of the boob tube. [Aside: that's a really weird sentence; I think I should go get some sleep.]

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John said...

I never got cable turned on when I moved to Green River. I don't miss it. Most channels stream their shows free over the internet, anyway.