29 July 2008

Dark Knight

First response: WOW!!11!

First off, the plot was beautifully crafted. One of the problems with Batman and Robin was the sheer number of characters vying for screen time, and a big part of that problem was that there was no real connection between most of those characters and their "creation stories". There were close to the same number of semi-major characters in Dark Knight, but all the plotlines connected. It worked. I will say that I preferred Katie Holmes as Rachel, but ya can't have everything.

There is very little chance of me spoiling anything, because to explain any one part of the plot would require explaining two or three others, ad nauseum. It's that interwoven. The music is still brilliant. I read a critic describe it as "black on black" for Batman Begins, and that is largely followed in Dark Knight as well. There was one spot towards the beginning where an unexpected bit of melody distracted me, but otherwise the bits of melody were well-placed.

There is an overall theme for the movie. You could almost subtitle it "Dark Knight vs. White Knight." The idea is that, well, wouldn't it be nice to have a hero for Gotham who (a) shows his face and (b) works within the law? There's an amusing irony in (a), which would only be a spoiler to anyone who isn't familiar with the name "Harvey Dent." Of course, there's a Joker in the deck, too.

It is a pity about Heath Ledger. Seriously. I can't imagine anyone matching his performance as the Joker. A sequel isn't as strongly implied at the end of this one as it was at the end of Batman Begins, but there are certainly hints that one is possible. And, well, very mild spoiler: The Joker is alive at the end of the movie. What they'll do about him for a sequel... *shrugs*


John said...

I agree. It was awesome.

PZ didn't care for it so much

Heath Ledger should get a posthumous medal or something for that performance.

Qalmlea said...

Yeah. I agree.

One of the comments on PZ's review makes a good point (Point (2) -- mega spoiler warning) that I can't think of a ready answer for... Still, that's better than a microwave emitter that evaporates all water in metal containers but not in human bodies. `/^

John said...

there isn't much worse.

well, nipples on the batsuit and neon on the batmobile are worse (much worse), but they don't defy the laws of physics, they're just dumb.

Qalmlea said...

That's just Joel Schumacher. So long as there's someone there to restrain him, he's a capable director. Let him off his leash, and you get, well, Batman and Robin (and Phantom of the Opera, the movie). He just likes to go overboard with bright neon things to the detriment of plot.