11 June 2008

New Bit of Furniture

I suspect that the style is no longer being made, as I've been unable to locate a picture on the web, but it's described as either a "Morocco sideboard" or a "Morocco three-drawer console table." What's particularly Moroccan about it, I don't know, but it fits nicely by my front window and gives me a place to put some boxes and my shredder, as well as a nice platform for some plants:

On the left are my palm trees, procured from Wal-Mart when they were about 6 inches high. They were just leaves then, no trunk visible at all. In the middle is a dragon I got for a song, 5 or 10 bucks at an antique store*. I could swear that I saw a similar style dragon on the mantle in an episode of the Addams' Family... On the right is my ficus, which was sent by a business to my grandma's funeral.

*I got the impression that the lady who ran the store didn't care for it and was pleased to be rid of it. There's no accounting for taste... `/^

Before, I had three pieces of furniture in the same spot, storing less, though there was room on top for a few more plants. The space feels much more open now, and the usable space underneath is quite nice.

As for the window treatment, those are curtains I got on clearance somewhere (either Linens'n'Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond). They started out as white with purple striping. I threw them into the washer with seven packs of Rit Dye (either three wine and four purple or vice versa) to get that color. The blinds came from Pier 1, probably on clearance as well.

Incidentally, this was Pouncer's idea of helping me put the console together. For reference, the table is upside down, and he's sitting in the space that now holds the drawers.

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