09 June 2008


As the old trope goes, there are no new ideas. My position on swearing/cusswords has been neatly summed up over at Evolving Thoughts:

It's not like I haven't used foul language myself - at one point in my life every second word was foul, but eventually I came to realise that in so doing I was merely debasing those swear words to nothing, so that when I really needed to swear, I had nothing left.

I never went through a period of heavy swearing, but that's largely because I realized early on that if those words became commonplace, I'd need to come up with something even worse when an event that actually merited swearing came along. I also used to amuse myself by going through movies rated R for swearing and noting the places where the swearing was absolutely appropriate to the situation. The only one I remember now is from The Crow. When he realizes that something has happened so that he can now be hurt, he says, "Ah, f***". The rest of the swearing was superfluous. Admittedly, the violence would still have merited an R-rating.

I don't find superfluous swearing offensive so much as pointless ... and annoying in large quantities. Besides, people get much more worried when you use big, complicated words and phrases to express your annoyance. `/^


John said...

I work with some guys that define "casual swearing". No one notices (or comments about it, anyway).

I, on the other hand, have received much attention (and reprimands) for the occasional swear word.

Word Verification: bamnnoda
this is almost begging for definition. I, however, suck at that game. Where's Douglas Adams when we need him?

Qalmlea said...

Let's see... how about:

Bamnoda, v. A method of attempting to fix a broken internet connection by repeatedly hitting the modem with a hammer (i.e. "bam the node").