10 June 2008

Drive-By Mowing

I had someone knock on my door and ask if she could mow the lawn as she was desperate for gas money. As I hate mowing the lawn and it was in need of it, I said "Sure." She didn't do the greatest job, but neither did I on my last go of it. I gave her $15 for it, which is more than it was worth, but, eh... She also took an old storage unit off my hands. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with the thing. It was in good shape, but had been more or less useless to me for the past few years. She asked about it, and I decided someone who had a use for it might as well have it.

This was a woman who had at least two kids with her, helping and/or hanging out. It's sort of weird to think of high gas prices driving people to that kind of extreme. I mean, my dad used to get offers from 10-15 year olds to mow the lawn, and that wasn't too surprising. From someone with kids in tow it's a bit weird.

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