12 June 2008


I just played around with the satellite maps on Google Maps, and confirmed that I was, indeed, on Ice Cave Road yesterday. Seems that it only becomes Crystal Ice Cave Road after it splits (near the A on the map). The little red bit at the bottom right is where you turn off to get to Wapi Park. The road continues on further, but I didn't feel like highlighting it for the whole way. Basically, it hugs the lava formation down at the bottom, then continues off to the bottom left. So... I'm thinking that if I don't turn off there the next time I have an excuse to take the pickup to American Falls, I might find the Crystal Ice Cave itself. My dad keeps going on about it "not being open any more" but unless they really built up a whole bunch of infrastructure, er, it's a cave. There may not be guides or whatnot, but the cave will still be there. On a semi-worrying note, Dad mentioned that he heard about someone being bitten by a rattlesnake in the cave while it was "open" as a tourist attraction.

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