21 June 2008

Dreaming of Electric Police Cars (and Stealing Them)

Weird dream this morning. It was Saturday. I went to meet up with Melissa to go to taiji, only she'd decided to have a philosophy club meeting...in a room that looked very much like my old bedroom at my dad's house (only many times larger)...that was apparently now part of the university. At about 7:48 am I decided that I'd rather go to taiji and bid her and the club fare well. I went out to find Jean Luc (my car).

There was a huge parking garage (and a random descent into lucid dream territory, but all I got out of it was a better pair of shoes). I couldn't see Jean Luc anywhere, so I tried hitting the "panic" button on the remote (which is supposed to make it honk up a storm until the button is pushed again). No honking. I did hear a sort of buzzing/whirring, and followed the noise to an odd looking police vehicle.

I knew it was a police vehicle because it had the light bar on top, but it was shaped vaguely like a dune buggy. I hit the button on my key-remote again. The lights flashed and the thing buzzed again, so I shrugged and decided I might as well take the thing. I got in, and found what was apparently the throttle...at the bottom right of the single seat. It was a small plastic lever, say one inch by a quarter of an inch. Pulling up on it made the car go forward, but I couldn't get it above about 20 mph. Some guys came along and tried to help, but they couldn't figure it out either.

At that point, I woke up.

PM ADDENDUM: At some point, and I'm not sure if it was part of the dream or after I woke up, I decided that the car wouldn't go because it was an electric one in need of a recharge. Hence, the title.

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