19 July 2009

Sri Thai Update

I had a pleasant surprise when my mom and I ate at Sri Thai on Friday night (and not only because we barely made it into town in time to eat there). They've redone their menu, and dishes that can be made gluten-free are clearly labeled with the no whe*t symbol. One minor caveat: this does not mean that the dish is gluten free as usually prepared, some are and some aren't. It does mean that they will make it for you gluten free if you ask them to. We found this out the hard way by ordering the peanut-sauce chicken appetizer...and it arrived with toast on the plate. As soon as I mentioned "gluten", the waitress immediately apologized and explained about the need to specify if you want to be sure to get it gluten free, and then she got us another one sans toast, no questions asked.

A few of the dishes that I had ordered in the past were not marked as available GF, and one of them I had wondered about, but I'd never had a strong enough reaction to it to be certain. It was a tasty dish, so I hope they can make it available as gluten-free in the future, but oh well. I ordered their version of "Sweet and Sour Chicken" on Friday. Thai Sweet and Sour is nothing like most sweet and sour. The chicken is not breaded. The sauce is usually not thickened. The sauce usually has a subtler blend of sweet and sour flavors than typical "sweet and sour sauce."

At any rate, this is my favorite restaurant on the planet, bar none. They make the best Thai iced teas, and Thai tea floats (yes, those are marked as GF). Chang's does a decent approximation of Thai iced tea, but most other places make it so ridiculously sweet that I can barely stand to drink it.

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