17 July 2009

GF Adventures

It's a bit weird to realize how much less I worry about taking enough food to get me through the whole trip to Colorado compared to a few years ago. Then, I would pack enough food for nearly every meal, and worry about that "nearly." Now, I know that there's Whole Foods Market in Fort Collins, Granny's Gluten Free on the way to Estes Park, and, since Mom wants to go to Denver, I found that there's a bona fide gluten free bakery (and it's not far from her oversized shoe store target), as well as two fish restaurants that are GF friendly. The last several trips, in fact, I've been ridiculously over-prepared, so this time I've pared down. I'm only taking 2 mini-loaves of bread, and some fixings therefor, and yogurt for breakfast. Breakfast foods are notoriously difficult to get without crumbs in them, as most places combine stuff on the same grill, so until I find a GF breakfast place, I'm just going to take my yogurt.

Anyway, here is the site for the bakery, and here is the one for the fish restaurant that we picked. The other one is only open for dinner, and we're hoping to be out of Denver by dinner. Oh yes, and here is the link for Granny's Gluten Free Zone. Seriously, if I did want to leave Pocatello, I think I'd go to Colorado. Of course, where I'd really want to be is Estes Park, and I'm pretty sure the cost of living there is through the roof, and there are no universities, etc, in the town, so who knows how I'd support myself.

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